Joseph Jefferson Awards-2019

Some little girls day-dream that  they will be noticed when they grow up. They swing on their swings and pump the air singing sad songs as tears of frustration roll down their cheeks. They end their songs with victory verses, if there’s time, or lunchtime if there’s not. Those dreams  join the secret dreams of so many others. Some little girls wait a long, long time for this to happen. Tomorrow, June 3, 2019 is the Jeff Awards ceremony. I have been nominated in two categories. Lead Actor in “The Safe House, ” and Supporting Actor in “Herland.” This is an incredible honor. I usually enjoy toiling in obscurity because I hide behind my roles and hope that they bring the author’s intention forward into conversation. When the two collide I find myself caught with my role showing. I am so incredibly grateful to a score of people I don’t even know; Those who influenced the playwrights, the boards of the theatre companies, the casting directors, the artistic directors, the creative team, and more. We are all in this together to bring to audiences something memorable and thought-provoking. I’m honored to be included among so many talented individuals, but still very anxious that I can behave in a manner appropriate to the honor already bestowed by being nominated.  WIll I give the queen’s wave, sob uncontrollably or hoot like a demented owl.  Only time will tell. The swing keeps swinging and little girls keep day-dreaming.

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