April 2

So my friend Cheryl got me to call Mr. Leo DeLyon at a number I didn’t know. She said it was some marketing guy. Of course, since Cheryl is my friend, I wanted to do her the favor as soon as possible. I immediately dialed and continued to talk to her as I waited for the phone to pick up. It was the Lincoln Park Zoo. That didn’t register. I just waited for the phone message to be over and to leave a message. I didn’t even know it was a prank for the longest time. I’m just oblivious – – – not a prime candidate for April Fool’s Day. Today, as I look back, it was pretty funny. . . scratch that . . .it was very funny. There I was on the phone like some big executive listening to the hours that the zoo is open and waiting for Mr. DeLyon. Pfahhh! Snort! Higgle! I am an idiot.

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