A Novel Summer

So it’s finally come to this. My coursework is nearly done and by Winter quarter I will be in Thesis mode. My creative writing classmates have told me that it is best to enter the thesis process with a draft. I feel a little Pythonesque, since I’ve been hacking away at this project like it was the black knight and it keeps coming back, wounded and bloodied for one more go round. I clench my teeth and swing my broadsword, which separates huge chunks of theme from plot and spine from spleen. “Come and write me, cretin,” it taunts. I take a deep breath and charge once more. I am afraid but determined. Early this morning I began the Chapter on the battles at the Isonzo. There were twelve and my uncle was in six of them. He just kept on being sent back and chopping off a little more of his sanity each time. 300,000 Italian soldiers and 200,000 Austrian soldiers died there in two and a half years of fighting. I can do this.

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