Lost Laverne

Laverne is gone. The cat that so consumed my at home consciousness is physically gone. I feel vast emptinesses in my heart every time I look at her spaces, or find a cat fur bunny rolling past me, or the squeak of a door is her meow. We needed one another. I teetered, she tottered. To whom will I tell my petty grievances? Who will give me such pure, clean happiness as an ankle bump at 2:00am.
Oh sweet Laverne – – – one more day with you would not have been enough. One more year, one more lifetime, not enough. We understood one another you and I. We stayed a little aloof, wary of strangers, picked our spots for our deepest love. Please hold your energy together so I can join you at a later date, yet to be determined. Rest and wait for me. I love you still and always will.

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