Saturday Morning

Zooey is feeling much better. Of course, she is dealing with the humiliation of having half of her fur shaved off. She’s eating, whisking her tail angrily at me and taking her antibiotic like a trooper – storm trooper, that is. Tomorrow we start her on the thyroid medicine so she will be taking two meds a day and has to have a blood test every two weeks. Anything to make her better so she can continue to harass Laverne and Shirley. Such is the cat portion of my life.
The understudy-acting portion is going well at Steppenwolf. There is controversy brewing about The Pain and the Itch and the child actresses. Some columnists are saying that performing the role is child abuse. It’s kinda crazy but I’m thinking that all controversy is in some way constructive. It is intriguing that these critics see the world of the theatre as real. I’m thinking it may be a spin off of the reality show mentality. We’ll see.

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  1. Steven
    September 1, 2005

    Actually, it’s September 1st as I write this, but… OH! The pain of ‘dem cats!!!

  2. Steven
    September 1, 2005

    Better late than never I suppose. Anyway, as a cat semi-owner (don’t ask) it’s such a pain to try giving them a bath, or trying to keep them out of your room. I honestly am more of a dog person, but then again it’s like a big cat. With sharper teeth….

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