The faces of Hurricane Katrina haunt me. I spend altogether too much time thinking about how the things we supposedly own and the place we live define who we are. Some have forgotten how to exist and love without things. Some have been shockingly reminded that who we love and how we are loved is truly the only link we have to this life. Perspective, when forced upon us, is devastating. Sometimes I think I can see the light in their eyes and our eyes as we realize what is truly important. My neighbor across the hall is dying. I think I can hear her last breaths and I don’t know what to say to her. I don’t know that I could say that it is okay to let go because she is good and kind and that is the epitome of greatness. She must understand by now that life is simple and pointless and full of false points and not very complex. At its base it is a struggle to understand what we already know. Goodbye Sadie, I love you.

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