Little Voice

We opened “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice” Monday night at Theatre Wit and it was joyous. I’m proud to be working with a very dedicated and talented group of people. There are characters with little voices and characters with big voices. The sheer volume of sound and unbridled narcissism blinds the “bigs” to love, self-respect and self-actualization. Everything bad is the fault of someone else. Everything good is their personal triumph. The inability to speak up characterizes the “littles” who are imprisoned in their own grief and self-defeat.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice - August 2015
The Rise and Fall of Little Voice – August 2015

A thoroughly entertaining show with great post show discussion potential. Cast: Rebecca Sohn (Mari), Scarlet Shepard (LV), Will Casey (Ray Say), Johnathan Wallace (Billy), Greg Mills (Lou Boo) and myself (Sadie). Directed by Erin Shea Brady for the No Stakes Theatre Project. Ian Michael James – Dramaturg. Stage Manager – Anna Micale.

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